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Adelaide is in the studio for their debut EP coming early 2018




(EP RELEASE SHOW) March 10th - Hamilton, ON - Club Absinthe

 March 27th - Kingston, ON - The Mansion

March 28th - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern





about the band

Dreams begin at a small age, but for all four members of Adelaide, the dream has only just begun to take shape. Here's their story. 

Fall 2016: The Decision. Having been on the fence about a career in finance or the pursuit of music, now frontman and primary songwriter Dan Taylor had decided to settle into a classic 9 to 5 office job. There should be no regrets about trying something out to see if you might like it, but Dan quickly realized that it wasn't for him and music was the only option that provided a real sense of joy and accomplishment. So with that, he left his job with a fancy salary (not actually that fancy), and started treating songwriting like his full time gig. 

By his side during all of this and throughout the past year was lead guitar player Ben Rudy. Once Dan quit his job, together Dan and Ben began forming songs from the scribbles and scratches in Dan's notebooks, all the while, dreaming of what might some day be a full band.

FACT: Ben's undying passion for music eventually ended up being what truly resparked Dan's desire to "do this for real". 

December 2016: Adelaide Gets A Drummer. Matt Reynolds who had been a long time friend of Ben's, had just returned from a semester-long trip to England. Once Dan and Matt met, Matt's ability to be a great sounding board to the songs, smart drumming, and traditional training instantly proved his potential and helped the writing process progress quicker. At that point it was official, Matt was in. And just like that, they had a handful of songs that they were willing to share. Only one problem: Adelaide had no bass player. 

April 2017: The Great Acquisition. Having searched for a bass player for months, Adelaide finally rested on the acquisition of guitar player, musician, and skiing backflipper Adam Peters. Adam has proved to be an asset to the team since his start with the group. 

Since then, Adelaide debuted at a sold out show and has quickly rounded up a great list of stages played. Some notable stages include Lee's Palace, Club Absinthe, and The Opera House with many more in between. While continuing to play shows around Southern Ontario and make the occasional radio appearance, Adelaide has released their first single "Can't Lose", and has begun production on their debut EP which is set to release early 2018. 

Vocals, Guitar / Dan Taylor
Lead Guitar/ Ben Rudy
Bass / Adam Peters
Drums / Matt Reynolds
Management / Jonathan Wellum




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